Applying for a French visa in Brussels

Visa applications submitted in Brussels, Belgium are processed by the French Consulate General in Brussels. For general information and for preparing, submitting and tracking your application, log on to France-visas, the official website for visa application to France. The Consulate general is territorially competent for legal residents of the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

France-visas is a single portal with all the information you need to process and to help you every step of the way (preparing the application, entering details, submitting and tracking the application).

Study Visas for non-European nationals : (Luxembourg - Netherlands) your file must first be sent to the cultural department of the French Embassy of the country in which you reside. Click here !

The main steps in applying for a visa

Do I need a visa ?

PNG First, use “Visa wizard” to check, based on your situation, whether you need a visa and if so, what type. The wizard will also tell you what documents must be enclosed with your application, along with the relevant fee.

Complete your application online

PNG Once you have confirmed that you need a visa, you can complete your application on our online portal. You will be asked to create a France-Visas account, which you will need for each step of the process.

Submit your application to the visa centre

PNG Once you have completed your online application, all you have to do is submit it to your local visa centre. France-Visas will provide you with all necessary information on how and where to submit your application.

Track your visa application

PNG Once your application has been submitted, track its progress and see how and when you can collect your passport and how to prepare for your trip to France.

To schedule an appointment

⚠️ Health measures ⚠️

Thank you for arriving 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment time to carry out the access checks.

In application of health measures, please note that :

  • You must wear a protective mask to access our premises and disinfect your hands before entering the public reception area (hydro-alcoholic gel will be made available to you at the entrance)
  • Access will be authorized only to the person concerned by the process, with the exception of accompanying persons for a person with a disability.
  • We invite you to bring your own pen

We also remind you to keep the safety distances (1.5 m).

Please pay the visa fees by credit card.

Additional information

▶️ The possible issuance of a visa does not guarantee the possibility of immediate entry into the territory, which remains determined by the restrictions applicable to the borders. Before applying for a visa, it is recommended to check if you are authorized to enter France by consulting the following page : Certificate of displacement and travel

▶️ Social distancing measures and the use of protective equipment will be put in place to protect everyone’s health ; they will be communicated to you when you confirm your appointment.


Waiting times for appointments and for processing applications will vary depending on your nationality and the periode of the year.

Users are therefore asked to submit their visa applications well in advance of their departure date.

Dernière modification : 11/02/2021

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